The PM and the Market Versus Need for PMP?

Postado dia 21/12/2015

Let's talk about an issue that goes hammering the head of the project manager who gave a talk in the community in recent weeks.

Sometimes I hear inside the company, mainly by staff that are "older" and averse to change, that before there was such a "history of PMP ® and PMI ®", the services were already being very well done. And indeed they are right, it could be so, and it may be true that they would be better today if they would apply the whole best practices that PMI ® releases. But when I have the chance to talk with a partner as such, I always use the same story, "The globalized world and the super-competitive market we live in today."

Oh yeah, this for me is the big difference because yesterday our technicians could perform a particular activity without the aid of a methodology; today it becomes increasingly difficult if not impossible. Today the number of Brazilian companies that are globalized and multi-nationalized has almost quadrupled, at that time so all I asked - "What does this have to do with PMI ®?!". 

Well, a few decades ago when a client requested a particular service, they usually sought the person who mastered that subject and that person could be charged the price you find most interesting and time with the best possible backlash.  What happens today is a bit like the client still requests the service (of course, lol) but he pretty much determines the time and cost, and it behooves us to adjust our schedule and budget to suit the customer's expectations. i.e,  Before, the coach informed that the project would use XX time and budget and client was forced to accept and adjust their finances.   What happens today is that we report XX time and budget, and the client responds that he wants to make time with YY budget, because ‘my competitor is doing this in England with ZZ time and budget’, then I reduce my costs and deliver the service ahead of my competition. 

So it's then that the project manager needs to build his team and rely on your team, set up your WBS so staff know exactly what work should be delivered, assemble a list of activities and then the schedule so that your team knows when to deliver work packages. You must plan and create management plans (time, risk, purchasing and procurement, HR and communications, etc.) so that staff understand how the project will "work." Why should we have to do all of this  today when we did not have to before? - It's because today you need to work with a limited budget in X time and offer quality (to be better than your competitor's service client that is performing in England, or somewhere else) at it, be sticking to changes and hazards caused. 

Why can your client get a beautiful day and tell you what is needed to anticipate delivery (so we have planned in terms of time management to apply compression and / or parallel), or hurricanes in the northern states ended with the subsidiary units and the budget planned for your project will go to restructure the U.S. subsidiary. ..




Vitor Vargas

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Vitor Vargas

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